Set Zimbra as E-Mail application

With this webpage, you can set Zimbra as E-Mail application.

Check if Zimbra is set a E-Mail application by clicking on the following link. Zimbra should open up and you should be able to write a new E-Mail in Zimbra instead of any other E-Mail application



The following code can be copied directly into the address bar of the browser. A question should appear, asking if you would like to add Zimbra as E-Mail application. javascript:navigator.registerProtocolHandler('mailto', '','Zimbra Mail')

Known Issues

No question appears
Change the settings of firefox to allow external host registering a protocoll. Enter the following code into the address bar of Firefox about:config and confirm the security question. Search for gecko.handlerService.allowRegisterFromDifferentHost and change the value to true, by performing a double click on the value. Afterwards reload this webpage here. Now a question should appear, asking if you would like to register Zimbra as E-Mail application.
  • Get the mail extension: mailto extension
  • Click on "Add to Firefox" and hit install
  • Once installed it will open a new site "about:mailto" where you can scroll down and add a new service by entering the following details:
    • Providername= Zimbranz
    • Wildcard compose URL=
    • Description= Zimbranz Mailto
  • Now hit the plus and it will install the service.
    IMPORTANT Restart your Firefox once you see the picture below!
  • Once Firefox has been restarted go to "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Applications"
  • Choose "mailto" in Content Type and pick "Zimbranz" as the Service to use
    Done :)
  • Chrome

    • Get the mailto extension: mailto extension
    • Once installed it will open up
    • Next: add another Service
      Name the service:
    • That's it :)